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Yes, these two crazy people on the right here are us - Gen and Zee. We're a husband/wife team who decided to create WooHoo Cards because we wanted even more emotion to pop out of the cards that we sent to our friends and family. Physically unable to package ourselves in a card to pop out the other end (we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of card holograms), we tried to get as close to that notion as we could.

Our aim with WooHoo was to figure out the best way of giving that hug if you can't do it in person. We realize there are many choices of video cards out there, but we hope we are a little different and that we add a little more spice to the variety. So, when we have a moment from our three young kids, two dogs, one cat and the hairless rat (don't ask) - both of us sit down and come up with some fun ideas for our video cards. Then, we book a date, find a babysitter (bizarrely it's difficult finding someone who likes hairless rats) and off we go and shoot the cards! We're a small team armed with a camera and actors (who are either adults, kids or animals) and although we did hear once a saying of never work with kids and animals, we threw caution to the wind! We will try and let you know about our shoots on our blog and if any of you are interested, all you have to do, is just click here on Blog or under the About Us tab.

Thank you so much for visiting our site. We hope you stay for a little while and will have some fun playing with each of our cards. We hope they will give you, wherever you are in the world, a little sunshine to your day.

Gen and Zee X

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Jun 17

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"Woo" the Cat